5 Perfect Gifts For People Who Love "Life On The Water"

5 Perfect Gifts For People Who Love "Life On The Water"

The Boatique on Jun 1st 2023

For us at the Boatique, “life on the water” doesn’t mean you need to fish or be a fisherman (though we got lots of stuff for you if you are!). In fact, you don’t even need to own a boat!

Life on the water can include swimming at your favourite beach or lake in the summer. It could be the annual summer trip you make with their friends on their boat (aren’t they the BEST friends?). It could simply be growing up near the water and cherishing those memories wherever you are in the world.

Especially if you live in Atlantic Canada, the ocean and all the adventure, industries and life that comes with it are ingrained in each of us.

That’s why at the Boatique, we strive to provide quality curated apparel, accessories and gifts for everyone who enjoys life on the water, no matter how they do it.

Looking for that perfect gift for someone in your life? Here are some of our suggestions

5 Great Gifts For "Life On The Water"

Boatique Beach Towels


Made of 100% Ring Spun cotton, these 30 X 60 BOATIQUE beach towels are great for home, pool, beach or BOAT! It’s the perfect companion for their next water adventure, available in various colours!

Grundens Kraken Trucker Hat


Beware the Kraken! This classic trucker hat features a custom Kraken/We Are Fishing logo patch to show your appreciation for life on the water wherever you are!

The Shore Leave Duffle Bag


For the person always on the move, the Shore Leave Duffle is designed to endure any epic adventure time after time. This duffel will never let you down, built 100% waterproof with Grundens tough as nails 500D PVC tarpaulin material and 100% RF welded seams!

“For Life On The Water” Kids Long Sleeve

We can’t forget the little ones! For the kids who love the water as much as we do, this shirt is perfect for pictures and for play...but mostly play.

Grundens Deck-Boss Ankle Boot

Whether you’re on the deck or on the street, these boots will keep your feet warm and dry through all wet weather.

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